Orange and Yellow Dharma Sky Wheel by Sherrie D. Larch

Orange and Yellow Dharma Sky Wheel by Sherrie D. Larch//

The Dharma Wheel symbolizes spiritual transformation and rebirth. It can be found in basic Buddhist’s teachings and Tibetan Buddhism.


Christian White Extremist Groups “Sub-Culture Of Hate And Fear”

Hate 1

White hate groups are all around us, in the United States we have them in all fifty states and they can be found all around the world. In America they have a long history of harassing, torturing, and killing, those who they feel are non-human. They spread their hatred through propaganda in their writings, music, Internet sites, and the national media. Using television and radio to spread their hatred, the Ku Klux Klan and other white hate groups have been seen on shows in the past like Geraldo and The Jerry Springer Show, trying to get more people involved in their movement, preying on the young who they feel are more easily swayed to their viewpoints and people’s weaknesses. Back in 2001 the Ku Klux Klan from Idaho were even invited to the farmers’ parade rally that was held in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Small town America is not safe from their grip. Racial hatred has always been a part of America; we were founded in genocide, torturing and killing the Native American Tribes for their land, and with building a country on the backs of African slaves. It’s not a history to be pride of but one we need to learn from, so future generations can change.

Christian Separatist groups are some of the oldest and strongest hate groups here in America. The Ku Klux Klan, The American Nazi Party, Christian Identity and others follow a strict separatist Christian belief, of racial purity, that has its roots from the time the white European Puritans stepped on the shores of what would be the United States of America. Their targets are Jews, Non-Whites, other Religious groups (including other Christians that do not follow their ways), feminists, lesbians and gays, and anyone that does not agree with their agenda.

The old Ku Klux Klan was created in 1865 by former Confederate soldiers in Pulaski, Tennessee. It started as just a club for white Southern Christian men, but soon turned into a nightmare, hunting down freed African slaves, (men, women and children), torturing, raping, and killing them in the thousands in the name of white Christian society. Growing in numbers, the Ku Klux Klan became a powerful force in the Southern States. Today’s Ku Klux Klan has a larger agenda of hate, including other non-whites, (as well as African Americans), Jews, feminists, lesbians and gays, and other religious groups. They can be found in all fifty states, having offices or meeting areas. They have parades to make a show of their numbers, and in some Southern States the local law enforcement uses them for back up, like a volunteer police force or militia.

George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party in 1958. The American Nazi Party believes that the fictionalized Aryan race is the chosen people of their Christian god. The party’s greatest goal is to exterminate the Jewish race and send all African Americans back to Africa. They want to stop all mixing of races and to stop lesbians and gays from gaining equal rights. They believe that they are the ones who will create a pure Caucasian race here on American soil; they want to do what Hitler started and failed at in Germany.

Christian Identity is a white separatist group, with radio shows, other media outlets, churches and bible camps all through the United States. It is based on the belief that Anglo-Saxon Christians are the true Israelis (the biblically chosen people.) This movement started back in the 1700s, coming to America in the 1940’s. Their beliefs are very racist and anti-Semitic. Jews they believe are the children of Eve and Satan, and must be destroyed. Like all other Christian hate groups, they believe in the myth that the Jewish race is in control of everything, and trying to destroy the Christian faith. They also believe that the Holocaust was a Jewish conspiracy and that Hitler was a hero to the Caucasian race. Non-whites they believe are soulless creatures that are non-human and are inferior to the Anglo-Saxon race; though not as threatening as the Jewish race, non-whites or what they call the “Mud People” are still a threat to their blood purity. Christian Identity believes that race mixing is against the plan of their god, to mate with a Jew or a non-white is like a form of bestiality. Their members would like to see mixed racial dating and marriages outlawed in America. They are also against gay rights, believing that it is a Jewish movement to destroy the Christian American family. They home school their children so they cannot interact with children of different races and so they cannot learn about other ways of life. The real world these children never get to interact with, growing up to believe everything the group teaches them; making generation after generation of members that know no other way to live, but to hate those who they are indoctrinated too.

Women’s rights and feminism are seen in these religious hate groups as going against the nature of white womanhood and the natural role of women. Women in these hate movements are held in mostly a subordinate role, they are there to support the men and to give birth to the next generations of the so-called Aryan race or God’s chosen race, and are encouraged to have large families. Women in most of these groups are taught that their place is in the home to take care of the children and to home educate them in the ways of the group’s beliefs and faith, most do not have jobs outside of the home or hate organization. The group Christian Identity takes it one step farther, and doesn’t believe that women need to go to college, believing that educating women equally to men, is a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white Christian American family and to destroy Aryan women’s femininity, and makes them too masculine or turns them into lesbians so they are not fit to marry or breed with. Women are also believed to be spiritually weaker than men, not to be fully trusted, because of being the daughters of Eve, who they believe is the mother of the Jewish race. This was a sin against Eve’s pure white race, for this, all white women must be put in their place, forever being subservient. Lesbians and gays are seen to be a threat to the perfect white Christian family. White lesbians are seen as breaking the rules of white womanhood, not being the good wives, mothers, and helpmates to pure white husbands saving the pure white race. White gay man are seen as not being leaders, husbands, and fathers, fathering the next generation of the white race.

In America these groups have free reign to spread their terrorist hatred (hiding behind freedom of religion and freedom of speech), when other countries try to slow their progression down. It is America’s turn to stand up for all her citizens, to protect them from these groups and their dangerous beliefs. We should start saying no to hate speech, to teach our children in our schools, places of worship and our homes, that we are all equal. Anthropologists and scientists have said it all along; we are one species, one race, the human race. We come in many skin shades, eye colors, and hair colors (straight to curly), all do to the climate and the area of the world our ancestors lived in. We can be short or tall, skinny or on the heavy side. We are female, male and even at times born intersexual, gay, straight, bisexual… and we all deserve respect and safety. We have different ethnicities, cultures, thoughts, religions, and political views. But when it comes down to it, we are all the same human animal, having the same human DNA, body physiology, made of tissue, bone and blood. We are a specie that is always in change, always dreaming, always thinking, and always creating. So next time you feel like saying a word of hate against your neighbor, think about the fact that you are saying it against your own kind, a fellow member of the human race.

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Writer’s Note:

This is dedicated to my Anthropology Professor Thomas Larson (this was a speech and paper for his Cultural Anthropology class at Klamath Community College.) He will be forever missed.Biography from one of his books: “Professor Thomas J. Larson of Klamath Falls, Oregon, was born on a farm in Minnesota in 1917. He has four degrees in cultural anthropology, and has made eight expeditions from 1950 to 1994 to study the Hambukushu of Botswana. He is a member of the Explorer¡¯s Club, Oxford Society, and World War II organizations” Dibebe of the Okavango by Thomas Larson (2001)